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Want to learn more About us and everything there is to know about the ICB? Well you’re in for a treat, cause we have all the information you need relating to these courses.

Skills Academy, a distance learning college, offers these sought after ICB Courses, which will teach you all the skills needed to thrive in a business and complete all your duties at work. Skills Academy serves as a training provider, meaning we provide the ICB Courses set up by the ICB.

We offer the following ICB courses:

We here at Skills Academy, want you to have the best possible education, without limitations, as we believe everyone has the right to study.

WWith Skills Academy, you can study these ICB Courses without Matric. All you need is a minimum grade 10 certificate, and the ability to read and write in English in order to be able to complete tasks and understand the work given. Skills Academy also offers an extensive range of courses you can Study without Matric.

Skills Academy also offers programme provider courses that that you can complete without matric, as well as National Diploma Courses. Here you can find Diploma courses that will consist of N4-N6 level certificates. Both the National Diploma and ICB courses are accredited, meaning they are nationally recognised. This will allow you to stand a better chance to become employed.

Don’t have Matric

Yes, You Can Study Without One! 

  • You can study without passing Matric: Matric College offers you the option to study without having completed your Senior Certificate.
  • You will save money: Since you do not have to go into class, you will save money on transport and accommodation. Distance learning is also a lot cheaper than contact learning. 
  • Student support: As a student of Matric College, you will have all the help you can get. From start to finish, they have tutoring support groups to make sure that you perform to the best of your ability. 
  • Distance learning: Distance learning is a great way for you to work at your own pace. It also means that you can work while you study and do not have to give up a steady income.

Matric College is a distance learning institution offering Matric Courses, Short Courses and ICB Courses you can Study Without a Matric. This means that you can study from the comfort of your own space and at your own pace, here are the (Short Courses or ICB Courses) you can start studying today: 

Short Courses Offered At Matric College

  • Beauty Courses
  • Childcare Courses
  • Tourism and Guesthouse
  • Event and Wedding Planning

ICB Courses Offered At Matric College

  • ICB Small Business Financial Management
  • ICB Junior Bookkeeping
  • ICB Senior Bookkeeping

You can apply to do your Online Matric via distance learning at Matric College. The Matric Courses on offer are:

Matric College also offers NATED Courses via distance learning. These NATED courses offer you fantastic opportunities if you want to advance your career prospects by giving you the chance of earning a National Diploma qualification in one of the following streams: 

  • Business Management Courses  
  • Educare Courses 
  • Financial Management Courses 
  • Human Resource Management Courses 
  • Legal Secretary Courses 
  • Management Assistant Courses 
  • Marketing Management Courses 

Last updated: 12 January 2022