Should I study longer Business Management Courses?

Studying for any length of time will always be an investment on our part. Business Management courses come in all shapes and sizes, especially if you are looking at ICB Business Management. Keep reading if you want to know more about what options you have with courses.


What Business Management courses are there?

When looking at Business Management in general, you might be wondering which course to study. Many colleges and Institutions provide courses on Business Management, the trick is to find the right one for you. Have a look at your personal goals and what you want to achieve. It depends on what line of work you are interested in.

Also important is whether or not you actually have the time to do a full course vs. a short course. ICB Courses are very versatile and a great place to start if you want to get into Business Management. You don’t need matric for these courses, with most of them only asking for Grade 10.

Being able to study without matric can be amazing for some people. Not everyone has the same opportunities or circumstances. The flexibility of ICB allows for a very relaxed approach to studying. These courses are ideal for working individuals as well since they can be studied part-time or via distance learning.


Which qualification should I study for?

If you take a look at the ICB Business Management courses, you can easily see how they are split up into three parts. Each part is a qualification on its own, meaning you can study until whatever level you want. Some people might only want the National Certificate in Small Business Managing while others want the National Diploma in Financial Accounting.

Take a look at the different courses here and see which level of qualification you want to get. It will also tell you about the subjects being studied in each course. If you have previous studies and have already completed some of these subjects, you can get recognition for prior learning. You can also have a look at the ICB Prospectus to find out more about all the ICB Courses.


National Certificate

The National Certificate in Small Business Financial Management handles with kick-starting your own company. How to correctly manage the finances and make a general success out of your new venture. This Certificate is 9 months in length, teaching you all the basics in business management. This course is essential for everyone looking to study in this field. It forms the groundwork for the other qualifications that follow. It is NQF Level 4.

Higher Certificate

The Higher Certificate in Office Administration deals with your office environment itself. Forming a clear plan and organising your work and people can be very important. This will definitely improve productivity in the working environment. This course lasts for about 24 months and digs a bit deeper into the whole Business Management field. You learn a few more skills on organising, structure and working with people. How to manage everyone’s individual skills and learning to work with their weaknesses. This course brings you to NQF Level 5.

National Diploma

Finally, the last qualification is the National DIploma in Financial Accounting. This fully rounds out your programme and completes your knowledge. This qualification can also be very critical for people looking to start their own business, as it teaches you advanced accounting skills. You will be able to do your own books and manage your finances. The duration of the course is 36 months and really teaches you all the necessary skills to make a success of any business venture. The qualification is NQF Level 6.

There you have it. The three levels of ICB Business management courses really caters for a wide field. Once you have decided which qualification to get, head on over to registration and start your studies!


Written By: Michael Kritzinger

Last Updated: 16 April 2019