Home Study Group

Home study group make sure you receive the best experience in distance learning, whether you want to study business, computer or creative related field, we make sure every person find the course that suit. We offer exceptional student support, we make it easy for you, its affordable and we care about everything for our students.

Skills Academy

At skills academy, we offer an impressive way of increasing your knowledge and furthering your education. We will ensure that you find the right course; we will help you to study, improve you skills and pass; you can study and work at the same time. Skills academy believe everyone has the right to study.

The Learning Group

Since 1984 Learning Group is one the best learning distance you can study, there is a proud history of over 30 years of experience that offer creative programs as well as courses in other fields you are interested to. Learning group provide a premium experience with high-quality study material and exclusive benefits.

Together we pass

TWP that stands for Together we pass has been released in 2015, since 2008 TWP has been helping home study trainees. Our accreditation took place in 2016, TWP academy offers full accredited bookkeeping and accounting courses, as well as some provider courses as occupational health and safety and project management.


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