Finding and Understanding Your ICB Results

Getting your ICB results can be a difficult and confusing experience. You might wonder where or how to find your results but also how the results were calculated. We’ve all thought that we did very well in an exam only to see our marks seem strangely different from what we expected. This is because your final marks aren’t only taken from your final exam mark.


How the ICB Results are Calculated

The final mark for your ICB course is determined but two separate marks. These are the marks you get for your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) and the result of your Summative Assessment. Your summative assessment is your final exam.

Your final exam mark counts to 70% of your final mark. To pass this final exam however you need to get at least 50% for your exam. Your PoE, on the other hand, counts to 30% of your final mark. All the work, formative assessments, and assignments that you do during your studies count towards your PoE.

To successfully complete your ICB course you will need to get a final combined mark of 60% or higher.


How do I get my Portfolio of Evidence?

Your PoE will be sent to you as soon as you have registered for an exam. This is one of the reasons why it is so important to register for your exams as soon as possible. The sooner you register for an exam, the sooner you get your PoE, which means more time for you to work on and finish your PoE. You will need to hand in your PoE at the exam venue on the day of your exam.


How can I Register for my Exams?

If you are studying the ICB courses through a training provider they will be able to help you register for your exams. It is also important to remember that not all training providers include the ICB exam fees in the money you pay the provider. Make sure if your fee covers the ICB exam fees or not. If the fees are not included it means that you will need to make the payments to the ICB yourself.


How can I Make Payments to the ICB?

You can ask your provider to help you with this or you can simply use the ICB Learner Portal. If you go to the Learner Portal page you can register as an ICB student if you aren’t already. If you are an ICB student you can simply create your profile by filling in the few details needed as well as your ICB reference number.

Once you have created your learner profile you can use the portal to do many different things. You could register for the ICB courses, register for your ICB Exams, and make payments.

The ICB accepts payments in one of three ways only. You can pay your fees to the ICB using an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), SnapScan, or by paying with a credit card.


When Will I get my Exam Results?

To find the date on which your exam results will be released you can look on your ICB exam timetable. Getting your results depends on how you are studying your course. In-classroom learners will have to go to their college to collect their results. ICB Distance Learning students will either have to wait a few days to receive their results via email or they can use the ICB portal we have mentioned before.


Last Update: April 15, 2019