Studying can be very fulfilling. This is especially true when studying something you love. The ICB Business Management courses are perfect for you if you want to run and manage a company one day. The ICB Business Management courses are set out in three levels, the foundation, intermediate, and advanced level.

What Will I Learn?

National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management

Bookkeeping to Trial Balance This subject provides you with the foundations of accounting. This subject teaches you the fundamentals of bookkeeping from scratch which means no previous accounting knowledge is needed.  Business Literacy This is a basic subject that covers Communication and Mathematics, making it very unique. It focuses on written and verbal communications that is effective in a business setting. It also teaches you numeracy business tools, such as percentages, interest rates, and graphs. Business Management 1 This is your foundation to Business Management knowledge and the rest of the subjects to follow. It covers the best practices in financial management and prepares you for the next subject.

Higher Certificate: Office Administration

Financial Statements This subject is mostly given at an intermediate level such as this course. It teaches you the basics of financial statements through ratios, recordings of depreciation, disposal of assets, general ledger, application of accounting concepts, and the preparation of the statement of cash flow. Marketing Management and Public Relations This subject looks at how public relations and marketing work together to build a brand. The marketing focuses on the market and the public relations focuses on the relationships and cooperation between the company and the client/customer. HR Management and Labour Relations This is a subject that will teach you everything you need to know about the human resources department of a company. This includes the labour legislation, human rights, and labour practices in South Africa. Office and Legal Practice Office and Legal Practice teaches you about the legal procedures and how to apply law principles in practice. Business Management 2 This is the intermediate level course that builds on the knowledge learnt in Business Management 1 and prepares you for the next course, Business Management 3.

National Diploma: Financial Accounting

Financial Reporting and Regulatory Frameworks This subject is usually combined with the Research Theory and Practice subject. It focuses on the application of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in a South African context. Research Theory and Practice This subject has a different method of evaluation. It takes the form of mini research dissertation. The dissertation is based on the knowledge learnt in Financial Reporting and Regulatory Frameworks. Business Management 3 This is the advanced level and builds on the knowledge learnt in the foundation and intermediate levels of Business Management. Financial Management and Control This subject teaches you how to apply managerial finance and control principles in an environment that is commercial.

How do the ICB Courses Work?

You study through an ICB accredited training provider. You sign up with them first and then you sign up with the ICB through their online Learner Portal. After this your Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) will be sent to you to be handed in when writing your exams. It is a simple process. Why not sign up today?