The ICB Junior Bookkeeper course

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) offers multiple programmes, but their most unique course is somewhat underrated. Many people struggle to find a way to progress in their career, especially if they started working without matric. The ICB Junior Bookkeeping course might not seem like much, but it offers you the unique opportunity to bridge the gap to multiple career possibilities.

Studying the ICB Junior Bookkeeping Course

As you may know, the all of the courses offered by the ICB are accredited. This means they are checked by the Quality Council for Trades (QCTO) and updated pm a regular basis. The ICB junior bookkeeping course gives you the unique opportunity to study an accredited course with only grade 10 completed. This is one grade less than the requirements for any of the other courses they offer. This means you can study for a Financial accounting qualification, even if you haven’t completed grade 11 yet.

The great thing about the course is that you aren’t limited to studying the ICB Financial Accounting Courses. Completing the NQF level 3 course, means you will meet the criteria to study any of the other NQF 4 courses. You’ll be able to switch over to the course of your choice once you’ve finished your junior bookkeeping course. The only course which you’ll need to do at least one more certificate for, is the ICB Office administration course. The ICB office Admin course starts at NQF 5, which means you need either matric, or an NQF 4 qualification to meet the entry criteria.

Work and Study

Starting your career as soon as possible gives you the advantage of building up work experience sooner. You can start studying as soon as you have completed your Junior Bookkeeper Qualification. If you want to study further after you’ve achieved your first qualification, you can sign up with a distance learning college. This will allow you to study while you are gaining critical work experience. You will have no physical classes to attend and you can study from home in your own time. Depending on who you decide to study with, you will have all of tour required course materials delivered directly to your door.

You won’t need to slow down your career progress at all. You can study during the day and work in the evenings as you gain the required knowledge for the next phase of your career. You’ll also gain a better understanding of how your role fits into the bigger picture while your studying. This makes it easier to see the value of everything you are handling on a day to day basis.

Study Groups to help you succeed

Studying a course through a distance learning college can be difficult. It takes a lot of discipline to make sure you’re sticking to the schedule you set for yourself. Together We Pass is a social learning platform that allows you to connect with other people studying the same course. This means you can study together online, ask questions and get assistance from other students, as well as course specialists. This will help you stay motivated throughout your course and keep on top of your studies.

The ICB Junior Bookkeeper qualification will open up many opportunities for you if you haven’t completed your matric yet. It’s a good place to start if you’re looking to go beyond you current career limitations. If you’re interested and looking for a college to study with, feel free to visit TWP Academy’s website, they offer free access to the Together We Pass study groups and will give you an automatic membership if you sign up with them.