The Value of ICB Accredited Courses

ICB Accredited Courses

Studying an ICB Accredited Course is one of the best ways to start a career in financial accounting or business management. The courses equip you with real world knowledge that you can apply in real world career situations. They’re a valuable source of information if you wish to succeed from day one of your new career. You can start working towards your career goals as soon as you have received your 1st qualification.


The ICB is a professional body which aims to improve the quality of financial accounting and business management skills in South Africa. They’ve been in operation since 1931 and have built a positive, long standing reputation with many of the top institutions in business and financial management.

Reputable qualifications

The ICB has been working alongside industry leaders in order to tailor their courses to the current business environment. The courses are reviewed every 3 years by the Quality Council for Occupation and Trades (QCTO) to ensure that all course material is up to date. Any courses that don’t meet the criteria required by the QCTO are updated, replaced, or removed entirely. This ensures that the quality of all the courses are well maintained and remain reputable.


The courses they offer are registered on the National Qualifications Framework. The ICB is also an appointed quality assurance partner of the QCTO. All of these factors contribute to the ICB courses being recognized in industry as some of the best qualifications available.

Career Paths

The ICB Courses are split into 5 streams of study. Each programme stream is designed to equip you for a specific career path. The knowledge gained in each of the programmes means you are qualified for different positions as soon as you complete a specific course.

The five programmes offered by the ICB are:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Public Sector Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Office Administration
  • Entrepreneurship

Each of these programs prepares you with the knowledge required to excel at your career from the start. The skills learned in each programme are essential for success in their respective fields, and give you a distinct advantage in being able to complete the tasks and responsibilities of your job.

Leveled courses

The courses available from the ICB begin at certificate level and progress all the way up to National Diploma level courses. Each level completed qualifies you for a higher ranking job position. If you’re unemployed, you can start looking for a job after only completing an NQF Level 3 Junior Bookkeeping Course. If you’re looking for a promotion opportunity, you can study a higher level course to gain the knowledge required to excel at the position you’re aiming for.

ICB Courses are built for success. They provide you with the potential to do more in your career than you might have thought possible. The value of these courses are more than just a simple certificate, they’re an investment in your future.