TWP that stands for Together we pass has been released in 2015, since 2008 TWP has been helping home study trainees. Our accreditation took place in 2016, TWP academy offers full accredited bookkeeping and accounting courses, as well as some provider courses as occupational health and safety and project management.

Skills Academy, an associate of TWP also offers an extensive range of courses, suited to most individuals. Most of our courses you can study without matric, which teaches you the practical skills needed to complete daily tasks at work. Skills Academy offers accredited courses such as ICB and National Diploma programmes. We also provide short courses that will teach you useful skills needed to boost your career. Skills Academy also offers amazing benefits that will help you complete your course successfully. 

We Help Students Pass!

We bring UNISA, Matric and other Home Study students together, in private study groups, giving them the necessary support they need to pass their exams with flying colours. If you want more information about our awesome services click here to request information from us.

How we Help you to Overcome Your Studies

Discuss difficult concepts

It doesn’t matter what you get stuck on, there will always be a guide or someone to help. You’ll love being part of the community.

Study notes

All our Gold and Premium groups have notes written by our own tutor, that are up to date and comprehensive. This is included in your study group fee!

Compare assignments

We have an assignment comparison tool in our study groups that allows students to compare and discuss their assignments without fear of cheating. Make sure you understand all the questions, and improve your marks!

Exam packs

All our Gold and Premium groups have exam packs so that you can be sure that you know what you are doing before the exams! Again – included in your study group fee